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  • New Bee Balm for the Garden

     ‘Leading Lady Plum’Bee Balm typically bloom in midsummer, but ‘Leading Lady Plum’ leads the way in early summer, flowering earlier and forming a more petite clump than other Bee Balm (like ‘Pardon My Purple’). She typically blooms from early summer...

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  • Tips for native plants prone to frost flowers

    Certain plants will produce pretty ice patterns on stems during fall and winterKansas City, Mo. – Icy blooms, often called frost flowers, are appearing this winter at the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center. Frozen, twisted...

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  • Fall Care of Peonies

    Cut peony foliage back to the ground if this hasn’t been done already. Compost or discard foliage. Fertilize peonies twice a year — in the spring shortly before new growth appears and then again in the fall after the plants...

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  • Dividing Peonies

    Peonies are a favorite perennial of gardeners because of their beauty and low maintenance. In Kansas, peonies provide a beautiful display of flowers each spring before Memorial Day. Though peonies can be left in place indefinitely, many gardeners wish to...

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  • Flowers for September

    After the excitement of spring and summer flowers, many gardeners look over their dull September flowerbeds in dismay. There are many fall-blooming plants, however, that add pizazz to the fall garden. Chrysanthemums rank high on the fall-blooming flower list, but...

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