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  • Pruning Fruit Trees

    Fruit trees can be pruned from now through March as long as the wood isn’t frozen. Following are some general recommendations on pruning mature fruit trees followed by more specific instructions on each species. If you have young fruit trees, see the accompanying...

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  • Trees Losing Bark and Dying

    Some trees such as sycamore, silver maple and redbuds naturally lose the outer layer of bark, especially during years of good growth. This is a natural process and is not a cause for concern.However, this year, we are seeing a...

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  • Are You A Tree “Volcano Mulcher”? Hope Not

    Crestwood, KY (May 29, 2015) — Thanks to tree friend Paul Cappiello at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens for calling out the practice of “volcano mulching” and demanding an end to it. His article created a firestorm on social media this...

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