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2017 Garden Tour

“Beautiful Gardens of
Southern Platte County”

June 9th-10th, 9:00am to 4:30p

The tour featured seven beautiful and diverse gardens located in the rolling hills of southern Platte County.  

Click on the title for detailed garden information.

Rock Roost Garden”   

Situated on a steep hillside with towering trees, garden is beautifully terraced with multiple levels of evergreens and plants. Striking feature is the courtyard at the entrance to the house with yuccas and evergreens.


Styled to Perfection

This is a beautifully landscaped garden with many diverse plants that perfectly accentuate the owner’s home. Landscaping addresses the steep hill on which the house and garden reside. Stunning feature is the waterfall and plantings in the back yard.                

styled-to-perfection-3  styled-to-perfection-1                             

My Happy Place

Beautiful landscaping again perfectly accentuates the home situated on a hillside. Owner considers this her therapy garden as she has lovingly moved her plants until they have found their “perfect” spot.   Landscaping is primarily perimeter plantings. Viburnum trimmed to appear as trees is an interesting feature.

my-happy-place-1  my-happy-place-2                                      

Joie de Vivre (Joy of Living)

This is a large estate garden with many flower and vegetable beds. There are surprises at every turn as you traverse the garden. The garden is a certified Monarch Way Station.   Lots of stone work with nice entertaining areas.   Has a Koi pond. Owner does organic gardening.

joie-de-vivre-1 joie-de-vivre-2


Landscaping strikingly compliments the recessed area in which the home and yard is situated. Beautiful plantings on slope surround the front of the home. The garden is a haven for pollinators with native plants and is a certified Monarch Way Station. Shaded area in back has meandering rock pathways that intrigue the eye.

pollinators-delight-2 pollinators-delight-6                                   

Lakeside Serenity

This garden is beautifully situated along a lake.   Owner desires to have flowers blooming all year long and loves different, distinctive evergreens. Large berms have been planted to accentuate the view of the lake’s fountain and to reflect the owner’s love of whimsy.    Greenhouse is tastefully tucked along side of the house for the owner’s pleasure.

lakeside-serenity-1 lakeside-serenity-2

Colorado Home

This is a beautiful yard landscaped to reflect the owner’s love of Colorado.   Garden features unique evergreens and a fantastic shaded back yard complete with a stream and frolicking bear images reminiscent of a Colorado scene.

colorado-dreaming-5 colorado-dreaming-6                                                 

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