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Community Projects

Community projects are the hands-on programs of the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City. Our volunteers reach out to the community through on-site gardening that involves planning, maintenance, harvesting and education. Teaching classes based on research-based practices, working along side community gardeners, and teaching by example in demonstration gardens all promote the mission of the Extension Master Gardener program.

Community projects include three types of gardens:

  • Demonstration Gardens:  These gardens have a contractual or verbal relationship with an organization that gives Extension Master Gardeners control of all of the processes in the garden.  Extension Master Gardeners begin with the development of a plan and carry that through planting, maintenance and harvesting.
  • Partnership Gardens:  In these gardens, the partner organization and Extension Master Gardeners work together to develop and implement a plan that meets the needs of the partner organization.
  • Affiliate Gardens:  These gardens are well-recognized established gardens with volunteers from many sources.  Extension Master Gardeners volunteer at these gardens under their official volunteer program.  Often these volunteer activities become learning opportunities for Extension Master Gardeners.

If you have a new project that you would like to be considered for acceptance by the Extension Master Gardeners – Urban West Region known as Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City, please complete the application found by clicking this link EMG Volunteer Project Application.  Be sure to click on the arrow found at the end of the application to submit it for consideration.  NOTE:  EMG projects should have a strong educational emphasis, rather than be landscape maintenance oriented.

Demonstration Gardens

Partnership Gardens

Affiliate Gardens

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