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University of Missouri Extension Leadership

Tamra Reall, PhD

Field Specialist in Horticulture, Urban West Region EMG Coordinator
Phone: 816-252-5051, Email:

Tamra Reall is an avid gardener, insect enthusiast, and science outreach advocate. She earned a PhD in Entomology from the University of Missouri and a BS in Horticulture from Brigham Young University.

Catherine Bylinowski

Horticulture Instructor, Jackson County, Urban West Region
Phone: 816-252-5051, Email:

Cathy Bylinowski grew up in St. Louis . She has been involved in community gardening, vegetable gardening, and native plant education for over 20 years. She completed a M.S. in Horticulture at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas in 2001.

Mailing address for Tamra and Cathy:

MU Extension Jackson County
Attn:  (insert ‘Tamra Reall’ or ‘Cathy Bylinowski’)
605 SW US Highway 40, #313
Blue Springs, MO  64014


The Advisory Board (those with voting rights) includes the Officers, the Standing Committee Chairs and the County At-Large Representatives.


Officer Officer’s Name
(term expires)
President Debbie Johnson (01/2026)
Vice-President Sherri Carter (01/2025)
Secretary Karen Moninger (01/2026)
Treasurer Karen Kunz
Associate Treasurer – Open

Standing Committees

Committee Chair
Communications Peggy Magelssen / Sherri Carter
Community Projects Gretchen Lathrop / Nicole LaPlante
Education Debbie Johnson / Janis Truckowski
Fundraising Paula German / Michele Livergood
Membership/Internal Sabra Mitchell / Clare Kapperman

County At-Large Representatives

County Name
(term expires)
Clay Shirley Curtis-Klein  (01/2025)
Jackson Paula German  (01/2026)
Platte Carolyn Vellar  (01/2025)

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