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2019 Garden Tour

Event Details

Friday and Saturday June 7 and 8 from 9a to 430p.
Tickets are $15 each, rain or shine.

Buying Tickets:
-The day of tour at all of the seven garden locations (cash or check)
-At these locations:  (cash or check)
    All Family Tree Nurseries
    Suburban Lawn and Garden @ 105th & Roe or 135th & Wornall locations,
    Planter’s Seed and Spice Company
    Heartland Nursery and Garden Center


The Gardens

Garden A – 5906 McGee

  • A beautiful demonstration of gardening in a smaller space using space efficiently and incorporating interesting shapes and textures.
  • Tiered terrace with a winding retaining wall and dry creek bed of river rock with a water feature.
  • Garden art features a colorful ceramic fountain, a trio of steel “fish” in the dry creek and a Lyman Whitaker wind sculpture.
  • Plant variety include Green Velvet and Green Mountain Boxwood, Dwarf Korean Lilac, an assortment of perennials, Dogwood, Hydrangea and espaliered Anjou Pear tree.


Garden B – 440 West 57th Terr.

  • The owners wanted to do their part to help mitigate the issues of excessive storm water runoff so they decided to incorporate a rain garden installation on their property. 
  • In the back yard, the rain garden collects water from the downspouts on the west side of the house allowing water to overflow into the lower rain garden located just outside of the fence.
  • An additional outlet from the roof on the north side of the house which flows into the rain garden around the basalt water fountain.
  • The large patio is terrific for entertaining and the sound of water from the Mongolian basalt column fountain adds to the ambiance.
  • The front entry is lovely and welcoming, the multi-colored patterned concrete enhancing the colors of the house.
  • A series of symmetrical plantings including lilacs, crabapples, boxwoods and evergreens welcomes you to the front of the formal house. Annual flowers and, typically, hibiscus plants provide color and interest in the spring and summer seasons.


Garden C – 811 West 58th St.

  • A garden that always has something to catch the eye, whether through texture and color of foliage, bark or bloom, water and rock, with vintage yard art and architectural elements.
  • A welcoming habitat for birds and butterflies.
  • The dogwood grove under planted with Pinky Winky hydrangeas, astilbe, peonies and hostas, leading into a deeper shade garden.
  • Boxwood parterres and brick paths in back garden add structure and definition.
  • Re-blooming clematis on iron fence, herb garden, magnificent silver maple dominates the back yard; wisteria and clematis add elegant cover to the gardening shed.
  • Three fountains, several bird baths and seating are incorporated throughout the back yard.


Garden D – 1022 West 64th Terr

  • The backyard has two main perpendicular axes, one from the sunroom door to the center of the fountain and via a path and arbor to the back fence; the other from the main gate to the fountain and the east fence.
  • Secluded “garden rooms” with seats for contemplation allow for different views of the garden.
  • Paths of stepping stones on remnants of grass or on gravel weave through the garden.
  • Tropicals and annuals are all in pots spread around the garden for spots of color.
  • A plethora of keepsakes in the shape of bird feeders and houses, wind chimes and bells are hanging wherever possible.


Garden E – 623 West 67th St.

  • The owner described the style of her garden/landscape as formal… orderly, and balanced.
  • Much of the statuary was purchased at KC Art Statuary, a company that began in 1904.
  • The patio area, a peaceful & restful space, creates an oasis.
  • The owner has added ivy espaliers to the courtyard for vertical interest.
  • The vegetable garden includes two raised beds, one of which is designated for herbs.
  • There is a beautiful bronze statue in a fountain in the backyard, titled ‘Water Girl’.


Garden F – 7201 Belleview

  • Vibrant colors in shrubs, trees, perennials and annuals abound.
  • This small front and backyard garden has it all! Most noticeable are the variety of colors and plantings. Every space is used.
  • There are two ponds (one for Koi with water lilies, the other with gold fish) and also a fountain.
  • A combination of trees including Mimosa, Ornamental Peach, Japanese Maple, and Red Bud. Boxwood shrubs, three different colors of Clematis, grape vines, sweet potato vines, and even a vegetable garden with asparagus, peas, okra, strawberries, green beans, spinach and mixed greens grace this garden.


Garden G – 1000 West 88th St.

  • Different colors and textures of these plants give the garden year round interest.
  • A nice collection of conifers including:
    Umbrella Pine, Whipcord Western Red Cedar, Dwarf Serbian Spruce, Dwarf Hinoki Cypress, Japanese White Pines
  • Several areas for seating front and back. Cocktail area in the front, a fire pit area in the back and a sunning area in the back too.
  • With the pair of white foo dogs that welcome guests to an Asian inspired retreat, you can sip on a drink while listening to music on the outdoor speakers or relax to the sounds of the fountain.



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