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The Extension Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City (MGGKC) Chapter started in 1987 as
a program of the University of Missouri Extension (MUE). The Extension MGGKC Chapter
joined the Missouri Master Gardener Association (MOMGA) in 2012. Today 31 Missouri
Chapters with 1,505 members participate in MOMGA. Quarterly meetings provide updates from
MUE and afford members a platform to share programming ideas.

In 2022, 361 Extension MGGKC Chapter members signed the Annual Volunteer Agreement
(AVA; aka Code of Conduct) and reported 11,178 volunteer service hours. Ten of those
received Emeritus status (active for a minimum of 10 years) to bring the total number of
Emeritus to 83.

To join the Extension MGGKC Chapter, 46 students completed one of the two available MUE
online training classes held in the spring and fall. Thirty training graduates (interns) completed
the volunteer requirements to receive an Extension Master Gardener (EMG) badge.

Volunteer opportunities include community and affiliate garden projects, located at historic sites,
museum grounds, a nature preserve, schools, and several community gardens. Volunteers provide
horticulture education for the public through the Children’s programs, Garden Hotline, Speakers
Bureau, and Gardeners’ Gathering lectures.

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University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener Program