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The Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City (MGGKC) is an affiliate program of the University of Missouri Extension Master Gardener Program (UMXMG). The organization is governed by the UMXMG Policies and Procedures and represents the interest of the University of Missouri Extension. The organization is located in the Extension West Urban Region that is comprised of Jackson, Clay, and Platte Counties.

The MGGKC organization is led by a Board of Directors composed of Officers and Standing Committee Chairs. The Board of Directors is responsible for overall policy and direction of the organization and delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to the individual Committees.

Standing Committees currently support numerous Community projects throughout the Kansas City area and provide a gardening Hotline at multiple locations, Speakers Bureau, and educational training to the public via a Spring Seminar, Advanced Training sessions, and bimonthly Gardeners’ Gatherings. Fundraising projects include a Plant Sale and Garden Tour.

Membership consists of the following categories:

  1. Master Gardener Trainee is an individual accepted in the Master Gardener Core Course and is currently attending classroom training sessions.
  2. Master Gardener Intern is an individual who has completed the Master Gardener Core Course and is in the process of completing the first year volunteer requirement.
  3. Active Master Gardener is one who has completed their annual (including the first year) volunteer service hour requirement or more on approved projects and their Continuing Education requirement.
  4. Emeritus Master Gardener is an active Master Gardener who has completed 10 years of active volunteer service.

Membership requirements are as follows:

  1. Master Gardener Intern must complete 45 hours of volunteer service their first year in order to become an Active Master Gardener. These 45 hours may be broken down by specific MGGKC approved project areas.
  2. An Active Master Gardener must complete 25 hours of volunteer service on approved projects plus an additional 6 hours of Continuing Education each year.
  3. An Emeritus Master Gardener is no longer required to complete volunteer service hours although encouraged to do so.



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