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  • Protect Our Pollinators

    It’s Easy Being Green, Just Say No   By Dennis L. Patton, M.S., County Horticulture Agent, K-State Research and Extension/Johnson County “Protect our pollinators!” has become a mantra in the gardening world. Lead by the work of Monarch Watch, Xerces...

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  • Gardeners’ Gathering

    Thursday, August 17, 2017 “Gardening for Bees and Butterflies” The Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City present “Gardening for Bees and Butterflies “ by our special guest, Heather Holm. She is the author of “Pollinators of Native Plants” and “...

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  • New Bee Balm for the Garden

     ‘Leading Lady Plum’Bee Balm typically bloom in midsummer, but ‘Leading Lady Plum’ leads the way in early summer, flowering earlier and forming a more petite clump than other Bee Balm (like ‘Pardon My Purple’). She typically blooms from early summer...

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  • Beyond Honeybees: Now Wild Bees and Butterflies May Be in Trouble

    By now you probably know about the plight of America’s honeybees: the collapsed colonies and dying hives, threatening pollination services to crops and the future of a much-beloved insect. But it’s not just honeybees that are in trouble. Many wild...

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