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  • Hydrangea: The chameleon of plants

    From the Easter season through Mother's Day, hydrangea is one of the most sought-after flowering plants from retail florists and garden centers alike. It's huge, globe-like clusters of blooms impart a regal elegance that is uncommon among potted plants....

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  • Pruning Shrubs

    Recently, we have received a number of calls from gardeners wanting to cut back shrubs. Though light pruning and removal of dead wood are fine this time of year, severe pruning should be left until spring. Keep in mind that even light pruning of spring-blooming...

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  • Pruning Deciduous Shrubs

        Gardeners are eager to get out and do something in the landscape this time of year. One chore that can be taken care of during March is pruning certain shrubs. Often, gardeners approachpruning...

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