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Past Spring Gardening Seminars

Every March we hold a wonderful seminar of educational opportunities.  Highly regarded and expert speakers present topics covering all aspects of plant growth and current interests related to gardening.  A keynote speaker begins in the morning followed by your choice of three sessions from a variety of twelve topics at this all day event.   Open to the public. 

We want to thank all of our speakers and everyone that attended the 2019 Annual Spring Gardening Seminar!  You are what makes the Seminar great!! Below you will find the presentations that the speakers gave us approval to post.

2019 Presentations

Scott Woodbury- Practical Gardening with Natives
Dennis Patton- Pruning Evergreens
Anne Wildeboor- Container Gardening
Timothy Moloney- The Art of Garden Plunking and How Not to…
Scott Woodbury- Rain Scaping Practices
Matt Arndt- Identification, Removal, & Alternatives for Invasive Trees and Shrubs
Timothy Moloney – Plan to Simplify, Plant to Enjoy
Wendy Sangster- Native Trees & Shrubs
Cathy Bylinowski- Unusual Veggies
Chris Veach – Japanese Beetles

2018 Presentations

Dennis Patton- The Secret to Beautiful Hydrangeas
Lenora Larson- The Artistic Garden
Lenora Larson- No Sow Garden
Nik & Theresa Hiremath- Nocturnal Creatures: Owls & Bats
Nik & Theresa Hiremath-12 Elements of a Thoughtful Bird Feeding Station
Patrick Byers- Four Season Veggie Gardening
Jim Long- Can You Eat Those Flowers?
Jim Long- Growing & Using Herbs
Tracy Flowers- Choosing the Right Native Cultivars for your Garden
James Worley- Return of the Tomato Whisperer
Laura Dickinson- Roses for Every Garden
Douglas Spilker, Ph.D- The Japanese Beetle Invasion

2017 Presentations

Much a’do about Mulch – Dennis Patton                                    
Native Plant Gardening for Pollinators – Courtney Masterson
No-Till Gardening – Cary Rivard
Composting 3 Ways – Dr. Hwei-Yiing Johnson
Beneficial Insects– Mandy Tizon
Garden Success from the Tomato Whisperer – James Worley

2016 Presentations

Shady Ground Covers – Dr. Chris Starbuck
Know your Weeds – Dennis Patton
Kill your Weeds – Dennis Patton
Inside the Mind of a Landscape Designer -Meghan Steen
Fungus Among Us – Conor Brown
Fifty Fabulous Finds – Jan Riggenbach
11 Ways to Sabotage your Containers – Dan Parcel
Grow your Soil, Grow your Garden – Cary Rivard

2015 Presentations

Keynote Address
The Garden After Dark – Alan Branhagen
Promising Plants
Native on the Prairie – Fit for the Garden – Elliott Duemler
Designing Patterned Plantings – Leah Berg
On Becoming a Winner – Dr. Alan Stevens
Unique Landscaping
Small Trees – Big Impact – Susan Mertz
Small-Scale Water Gardening – Deb Spencer
Incredible Edibles
Herbs: Grow, Keep, Eat – Kim Dyer
Foraging: Eating from the Wild – Linda Hezel
Dynamic Demos
Succulents for All Seasons – Judy Pique
Imprinting Nature – Grit Vece





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