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Past Spring Gardening Seminars

Every March we hold a wonderful seminar of educational opportunities.  Highly regarded and expert speakers present topics covering all aspects of plant growth and current interests related to gardening.  A keynote speaker begins in the morning followed by your choice of three sessions from a variety of twelve topics at this all day event.   Open to the public. 

2020 Spring Gardening Seminar

2019 Presentations

Scott Woodbury- Practical Gardening with Natives
Dennis Patton- Pruning Evergreens
Anne Wildeboor- Container Gardening
Timothy Moloney- The Art of Garden Plunking and How Not to…
Scott Woodbury- Rain Scaping Practices
Matt Arndt- Identification, Removal, & Alternatives for Invasive Trees and Shrubs
Timothy Moloney – Plan to Simplify, Plant to Enjoy
Wendy Sangster- Native Trees & Shrubs
Cathy Bylinowski- Unusual Veggies
Chris Veach – Japanese Beetles

2018 Presentations

Dennis Patton- The Secret to Beautiful Hydrangeas
Lenora Larson- The Artistic Garden
Lenora Larson- No Sow Garden
Nik & Theresa Hiremath- Nocturnal Creatures: Owls & Bats
Nik & Theresa Hiremath-12 Elements of a Thoughtful Bird Feeding Station
Patrick Byers- Four Season Veggie Gardening
Jim Long- Can You Eat Those Flowers?
Jim Long- Growing & Using Herbs
Tracy Flowers- Choosing the Right Native Cultivars for your Garden
James Worley- Return of the Tomato Whisperer
Laura Dickinson- Roses for Every Garden
Douglas Spilker, Ph.D- The Japanese Beetle Invasion

2017 Presentations

Much a’do about Mulch – Dennis Patton                                    
Native Plant Gardening for Pollinators – Courtney Masterson
No-Till Gardening – Cary Rivard
Composting 3 Ways – Dr. Hwei-Yiing Johnson
Beneficial Insects– Mandy Tizon
Garden Success from the Tomato Whisperer – James Worley

2016 Presentations

Shady Ground Covers – Dr. Chris Starbuck
Know your Weeds – Dennis Patton
Kill your Weeds – Dennis Patton
Inside the Mind of a Landscape Designer -Meghan Steen
Fungus Among Us – Conor Brown
Fifty Fabulous Finds – Jan Riggenbach
11 Ways to Sabotage your Containers – Dan Parcel
Grow your Soil, Grow your Garden – Cary Rivard

2015 Presentations

Keynote Address
The Garden After Dark – Alan Branhagen
Promising Plants
Native on the Prairie – Fit for the Garden – Elliott Duemler
Designing Patterned Plantings – Leah Berg
On Becoming a Winner – Dr. Alan Stevens
Unique Landscaping
Small Trees – Big Impact – Susan Mertz
Small-Scale Water Gardening – Deb Spencer
Incredible Edibles
Herbs: Grow, Keep, Eat – Kim Dyer
Foraging: Eating from the Wild – Linda Hezel
Dynamic Demos
Succulents for All Seasons – Judy Pique
Imprinting Nature – Grit Vece





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