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Houseplants and Indoor Gardening

There’s really no mystery to growing plants indoors and keeping them healthy. In this course, you’ll learn how to grow bulbs, terrariums, succulents, cactus, foliage and flowering plants with ease.

Additional Information

Indoor plants are attractive home additions that can help clean and purify our air. There’s really no mystery to growing plants indoors. Keeping them beautiful and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. We will discuss plant requirements so you can nurture your plants with the necessary care. I will share some of my personal favorites and some tips for growing certain houseplants.

Availability: Most evenings, weekends (excluding mid-March thru June.) Prefer to travel maximum of 30 minutes one-way from my home in Lee's Summit.

Speaker Information

Lu Tarr

Lu Tarr became a Master Gardener in 2010. Her volunteer efforts have included Kansas City’s Flower, Lawn & Garden Show, Garden ‘n Grow, Hotline, Community Gardens, and her personal favorite, Speakers Bureau.

Lu is a lifelong gardening enthusiast; it’s in her blood, as she was raised on a Northern Iowa farm. She loves being outside as much as possible, whether it’s tending to the garden or just enjoying the sunshine with her cat. During the spring, you can find her working at a local garden center, and in the past, working at an apple orchard in the fall. Monday through Friday, she enjoys being “daycare” for her grandson.

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