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Making Your Garden Buzzz … Planting a Bee Friendly Garden

Bees serve critically important roles, not only in yielding a productive garden, but in our natural ecosystems. The bees we encounter around our gardens and natural spaces include not just the well-known honey bee but also many species of native bees. Their importance intersects everyone’s daily lives as we depend on them for the food we eat.

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This presentation will address important characteristics of native bees including nesting and foraging, and highlight ways that we, as homeowners and gardeners, can help to support their populations.  Recommended bee-attracting plant selections with a focus on native plants for spring through fall blooms also will be featured.


Speaker Information

Jeanette Hartshorn

Jeanette became a Master Gardener in 2013 and received Advanced Master Gardener certification in 2017. Her gardening focus at home is on gardening for pollinators with the use of regional natives and heirloom plants, in addition to vegetable gardening.  While spending time in her garden, she enjoys connecting with nature and searching for interesting insects and other critters including pollinators.

She is also active with other organizations including The Nature Conservancy; Deep Roots KC; a Tree Keeper with Heartland Tree Alliance and a member of the Osage Trails MO Master Naturalist Chapter. 

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