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Using Pesticides Safely

Are you a “If a little works then a lot will work better” kind of gardener?  This presentation is for YOU!  This presentation will talk about how to use Pesticides safely.

Additional Information

Pesticides serve many purposes around our homes, gardens and lawns. If used properly, they help us control insects, diseases and weedy species in our living space, keeping it clean and protecting our health. Yet, it is important to remember that pesticides are poisons and when used carelessly, they can pose dangers to humans, wildlife and our environment.

This is 30-45 minute program.

Speaker Information

Sherri Carter

Sherri Carter became an Extension Master Gardener in 2015 and received Advanced Master Gardener Certification in 2021.  In MGGKC, she is currently MGGKC Vice President and Past Chair of the Membership Committee.  Her projects include Speakers Bureau, Video Production Team and Blue Springs Historical Museum Historical Garden Committee.  At home, her garden focus is shade gardens and organic vegetable gardening using raised beds.  


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