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2015 Garden Tour

Despite the rain, the 2015 Garden Tour was very successful with over 1200 individuals viewing the gardens.  Special thanks to the garden owners and the Master Gardener volunteers for all their efforts in making this tour a wonderful event for the public.

Historic Seclusion

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

This is a beautiful, private, secluded garden of this historical home. This garden is pristine with trees, shrubs and ready for entertaining. Stop, rest and enjoy this garden while listening to sound of the water feature. Lime trees and evergreens are featured.

historic-seculsion   historic-seclusion2

Woodland Park

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

This garden is in a park-like setting featuring mature trees and shrubs.  Viburnums, hydrangeas and magnolias are in this garden maintained by the homeowner. This large lot also showcases many evergreens, Japanese tree peonies as well as Japanese maples. Varieties of Japanese maples include “Full Moon, Autumn Moon and Orange Dream.” Talk with this well-versed homeowner about the garden she created.

woodland-park2   woodland-park

Formal in White

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

This is an French style Garden. Monochromatic (white flowers everywhere) is beautiful with just the right amount of plantings in this garden used for entertainment. This garden is an excellent example of theme, structure and balance. See how the homeowners use plants for screening and privacy. Enjoy the hydrangeas, dogwood, clethra, English hornbeams and New Dawn roses among other plantings.

white-formality   white-formality1

Styled to Perfection

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

Artistic style is evident everywhere in this garden that has everything. Trees, shrubs and water features are included in this sun and shade garden. Quiet seating areas as well as beautiful entertaining areas exist here. Wander thru the garden path and notice all the different planting material. The owners also have fresh herbs that they use in their outdoor cooking. See the unique way that the garden owners have dealt with their Bradford pear trees. Ask the garden owners to share their secret for the stunning potted plants located throughout the garden.

styled-to-perfection   styled-to-perfection2

Japanese Serenity

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

Garden Symbolism Handout

Welcome to this Japanese garden that the homeowners have developed thru the front yard as well as the enclosed garden in back. Walk along the front walkway and hear the story of the garden and the symbolism represented here.  See how “feng shui” principles were incorporated into the garden and how the plantings and boulders were selected to represent nature. Cherry trees, nandina and tiger eye sumac are some of the plantings here.  Enter the back garden and the noisy world disappears. See how “karesansui” or dry landscape is used. Feel the healing, calming effect of this garden with the large koi pond and beautiful plantings.

japanese-serentity   japanese-serenity2

Nature Sanctuary in the City

Garden History and Top 10 Plants

This garden has been beautifully built with natives to encourage pollinators and birds. The homeowner, a former employee of the National Audubon Society, has developed this landscape with the upper canopy of trees, mid-level understory trees and shrubs down to the lowest level of ground cover with all native plant material. This design replicates nature and encourages wildlife. The natives have been chosen for their compatibility with our climate and Missouri wildflowers are featured. A neighborhood community garden and pocket park have also been developed here.

 Nature-Sanctuary2 Nature-Sanctuary1

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