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Asparagus Category

  • Fall Planting of Asparagus and Rhubarb

      We sometimes receive questions as to whether asparagus or rhubarb can be moved in the fall. Though these crops are traditionally transplanted in the spring (mid-March to mid-April), a fall move can be successful. Wait until the top has...

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  • Planting Asparagus

    Though it is too early to plant asparagus, it is not too early to make plans and prepare soil. This crop is a perennial and will survive for many years if given proper care. It prefers full sun and a...

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  • Garden Asparagus Care

    Controlling Weeds in Home Garden Asparagus BedsThe best time to control weeds in asparagus is early spring before the asparagus emerges. A light tilling (or hoeing) that is shallow enough to avoid the crowns will eliminate existing weeds. Many gardeners...

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