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Tomato Category

  • Tomato Trials

    It is that time of year where we start thinking about our summer gardens!! ​Each year we have our Master Gardeners plant and rate a number of tomato varieties.  We also give a set to Tom Fowler with the University...

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  • Heat Stops Tomatoes from Setting Fruit

      Temperatures that remain above 75 degrees F at night and day temperatures above 95 degrees F with dry, hot winds will cause poor fruit set on tomatoes. High temperatures interfere with pollen viability and/or cause excessive style growth leading to a lack of...

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  • Blossom End Rot

    If you have tomatoes with a sunken, brown leathery patch on the bottom of the fruit, you probably have blossom end rot. Though most common on tomatoes, blossom end rot can also affect squash, peppers and watermelons. Not a disease,...

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  • Hornworms on Tomatoes

    Hornworms are the largest larval insect commonly seen in the garden. Though usually seen on tomato, they can also attack eggplant, pepper, and potato. The larval stage of this insect is a 3 ½- to 4-inch long pale green caterpillar with...

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  • Vegetables: Disease and Pests

    Tomato Leaf-Spot Diseases    This time of year, two common leaf-spot diseases appear on tomato plants. Septoria leaf spot and early blight are both characterized by brown spots on the leaves.Septoria leaf spot usually appears earlier in the season than...

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