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Speakers Bureau Program Topics

Presentations are offered by the Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City on the following topics as part of our community services. These topics are listed in alphabetical order. Detailed information on the presentation including the speaker’s name is  available by clicking on the topic title.

African Violets

Love these beauties, but can’t seem to grow them?  Let’s change that….with knowledge and a few tips for success, you will enjoy these flowering plants and find that they are very low-maintenance.

Annuals vs. Perennials

Unsure of what kind of plant to invest in for your garden, containers, or landscape?  In this class, we will learn the differences between annuals and perennials and discuss what options are available. Your requirements can make this decision easier for you to make, with this discussion.

Art In The Garden

Almost anything can be art…it’s in the eye of the beholder! You will learn that art could consist of discarded tools, lumber, iron, water, stone, a butterfly feeding station.  Mass plantings in arches, circles, or other shapes can provide fun, beauty, and character to your garden.

Butterfly Gardening

Butterflies are pollinators and play an incredibly vital role in the food industry; however, their populations are declining. We need to learn how to sustain their populations. Let’s start with recognizing their needs, and identifying what plants attract them.

Container Gardening

Space does not have to limit your gardening. Containers of all sizes, sorts, and shapes can be used anywhere for your foliage and flowering plants, and vegetables.  We will learn various plant requirements that are a must for success.

Creating Rain Gardens

Learn the where, when and how of creating a Rain Garden. Rain gardens are beneficial in reducing storm water and flooding problems using Native Plants.

De-Bugging Your Garden

This program will teach garden techniques which are safe to use in the environment.  Focus is the management of insect garden problems by using the least toxic method or “Integrated Pest Management”.

Emerald Ash Borer for Homeowners

Homeowners who own an Ash tree need to understand how this invasive insect is killing these trees.  The decision whether to treat or remove these trees has many facets.

Emerald Ash Borer is Here

Gardeners, often a knowledge source for neighbors and friends, can gain full insight into the emerald ash borer insect which arrived from Asia in the mid-1990’s.  Identification, treatment, research on the horizon, and advice on hiring professionals are some of the areas covered.

Fall Bulb Preparation

Tips and a to-do list of what you can do in advance to prepare for the fall planting of bulbs and how to add color with bulbs in containers.

Growing Citrus for the Senses

Would you like to grow various Citrus species in containers? Give it a try and you will enjoy year-round pleasure of glossy foliage, beautiful flowers, heavenly fragrance and versatile fruit.


This class will be an introduction to herbs and using them for their culinary, medicinal, and spiritual benefits.

Highlights of Gardening History

Glimpses from Eden to urban roof gardens will illustrate garden styles and design philosophies.

Houseplants and Indoor Gardening

There’s really no mystery to growing plants indoors and keeping them healthy. In this course, you’ll learn how to grow bulbs, terrariums, succulents, cactus, foliage and flowering plants with ease.

How plants get their botanical names. And anyway, who was L.?

Find out about the intrigues, honorifics, animosity, imagination, and creativity that are parts of botanical names. Learn about contemporary rules and regulations for naming plants.

Natives in the Landscape

Growing native plants in the garden or your landscaping makes it easier on the gardener. In this course, we will learn that these plants can thrive in our climate and soil without much assistance from chemicals or fertilizers.  Less maintenance is required once established giving you more time to enjoy it than work at it.


Knowing which orchid you are trying to grow is the key to its cultural requirements. Orchids, like all plants, need a balance of light, air, water and food to grow and flower well. 


In this class, we’ll learn that these water preserving plants are an easy-care choice for both indoor and outdoor gardeners. Many varieties are available as annuals, but can be wintered over and enjoyed again and again. Multiple succulent plants planted together make a big statement in a deco pot or a container garden.

The Birds and The Bees … and the Butterflies, in your Backyard

 Attracting these beautiful and necessary creatures is easy to do with a wide variety of plants.  In this class, we’ll teach you to think native when you are designing your landscape and incorporate these plants with your annuals and perennials.

Vegetable Gardening

Cool-season or warm-season vegetables, when to plant, inter-planting and succession planting are all terms you’ll need to know to have a successful gardening season. Getting the most out of our crops is determined by our climate, location, and using the space efficiently; you will learn all of these things in class.

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