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Continuing Education

To view the latest offerings providing each EMG the opportunity to obtain their required hours in Continuing Education for the year, please go to the latest MGGKC Weekly Update.

Advanced Education

Master Gardeners are encouraged to participate in Advanced Education. The courses are offered for Master Gardeners to deepen their horticultural expertise and widen their knowledge base. Through the education they will be better able to serve the gardening community. It may also help them achieve the laudable personal goal of becoming well-informed gardeners with wide views and opportunities to enjoy the fellowship of like-minded gardeners. To learn the details of the requirements, please consult the Certification Policy.

The advanced courses are considered more formal and at a deeper, science-based level than Continuing Education. The courses must be taught by an approved instructor and some may have a hands-on component. Thirty hours of advanced education are required to earn the certificate and title of Advanced Master Gardener. Courses should cover at least three horticulture emphasis areas (maximum 10 hours per area) and be completed within five years of the first training session. Master Gardeners participating in advanced courses should collect certificates and similar documentation from approved courses. At the time of submission of the Application Form, the applicant must have been an Active Master Gardener for a minimum of two years.

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