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  • Tall, Dark & Bearded–Iris Culture

    Learn how to grow beautiful irises at our Annual Spring Gardening Seminar!!

    This presentation will cover types of irises both tall bearded and spuria. Learn about iris culture with emphasis on the best site selection and preparation, planting, culture, and insect disease control.

    Jim Hedgecock eats, sleeps and breaths irises.  He has hybridized irises for 38 years and introduced well over 450 new iris varieties to commerce. He currently raises approximately 100,000 iris plants on 8 acres of land, callend Comanche Acres. Jim has done well all over the world including winning the best early blooming variety in the Florence, Italy Iris Trials competition.  Jim is an Emeritus Judge in the American Iris Society and is serving his second term as President of the National Spuria Iris Society.

    Go HERE to Register for the Spring Seminar and sign up for Jim’s class, Tall, Dark & Bearded–Iris Cultures.

     Check out this story on Comache Acres!

  • Orchids and Succulents: Rare and Unusual

    Join us on March 14th, 2020 at the Annual Spring Gardening Seminar and learn how to grow lady slipper orchids plus maintain and grow a succulent plant, and which type of potting medium to use for each. Learn about new...

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  • Native Landscapes for Small Spaces

      Join us for our 19th Annual Spring Gardening Seminar to find out why native plantings are so important, especially in urban spaces, and how to pick the right "must-have" native plants for your small space. Environmentally friendly native-plant maintenance...

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  • Learn about Mushrooms in the Midwest

    Join us for our 19th Annual Spring Gardening Seminar to learn how to handle mushroom specimens and learn about common mushrooms in the Midwest, from edibles and their toxic lookalikes to common "yard" mushrooms. Learn the basics of mushroom ecology...

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  • Want to Grow Grapes in Missouri?

      Learn how to establish a vineyard, train vines, manage birds, harvest the crop, and pruning tips at the Annual Spring Gardening Seminar, March 14th.  Home gardeners will also learn how to use good crop management to produce a quality...

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  • Start Trees Off Right

    Research from K-State’s John C. Pair Horticultural Center has quantified the effect of controlling grasses around newly planted trees. Jason Griffin, William Reid, and Dale Bremer conducted a study to investigate the inhibition of growth of transplanted, seedling trees when lawn...

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  • Native Landscaping for Wildlife and People

                    Dave Tylka, who will be presenting  at the Master Gardeners Annual Spring Seminar, is a semi-retired professor of Biology at St. Louis Community College at Meramec where he taught full time for...

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  • Caddo Sugar Maples

        Sugar maples often have significant problems with our Kansas weather. Our hot, often dry summers and windy conditions can shorten the life of these trees. However, some sugar maples are better adapted to Kansas conditions than others. Our...

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  • Starting Garden Transplants from Seed

    January is often a cold and dreary month for many gardeners. However, planning for and starting vegetables and flower transplants from seed can make this a much more interesting time of year. Following are the steps needed to be successful...

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  • Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs

    Paperwhites are a form of daffodil that do not require a chilling period in order to bloom. Therefore, they are very easy to force and bring in to bloom.  Following are the steps needed.   • Use a 3 to...

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  • Planting Asparagus

    Though it is too early to plant asparagus, it is not too early to make plan and prepare the soil. This crop is a perennial and will survive for many years if given proper care. It prefers full sun and...

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