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  • Things you should know about MGGKC

    Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City can help you learn to grow! Helping you learn to grow is more than a slogan for The Extension Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City, it is our mission. This program is here to...

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  • Blue Springs Museum Garden

    ​Blue Springs Historical Society’s Garden Blooms 12/7/2023 0 Comments By Extension Master Gardener (EMG) volunteers, Joanie Shover, Michele Cole, Sherri Carter, and MU Extension Horticulture Instructor Cathy Bylinowski,​The Blue Springs Historical Society Museum is where history lives in the...

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  • A Glimpse of EMGs working with children

    Garden Glimpses-The Children’s Program What could you do with an empty two-liter bottle, some leaves, leftover veggies, and grass clippings? If you volunteered with The Children’s Program of MGGKC you could teach grade school children how to do composting during...

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  • What are EMGs doing at the Blue Springs Historical Museum?

    Blue Springs Historical Society -Blooming Blue Springs The Blue Springs Historical Society partnered with Master Gardeners of Greater Kansas City in 2019 to create Blooming Blue Springs Garden Team.  If you have walked by the museum lately, you might have...

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  • Drought and our Trees

    This is valuable information from Purdue Extension about our beloved trees in our landscapes. "Water is the most limiting ecological resource for a tree, and without adequate moisture, decline and death are imminent. " Drought? Don't forget the trees!  

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  • April Gardening

    Spring is here. If you are interested in gardening outdoors, now is the time to start. Cool Season Vegetables, those that thrive in cooler temperatures can be sown into moist, crumbly garden soil now. Follow the planting information on the...

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