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  • Drought and our Trees

    This is valuable information from Purdue Extension about our beloved trees in our landscapes. "Water is the most limiting ecological resource for a tree, and without adequate moisture, decline and death are imminent. " Drought? Don't forget the trees!  

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  • Phenology and potential implications of climate change

    How do you know when spring has begun? Is it the flow of maple sap? The first crocuses coming up through the snow? Ice out on local lakes? The arrival of the first red-winged blackbirds? The clamor of peepers? Apple...

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  • Wet Weather Can Cause Seeds to Sprout on the Plant

    Corn and soybean seeds possess several mechanisms that prevent sprouting before maturity. The primary mechanism is a balance between two growth hormones, gibberellic acid (GA) and abscisic acid (ABA). In general, GA promotes germination and ABA inhibits germination. The concentrations...

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    September, the kids are back in school and just as you wouldn't send your kids off to school unprepared, neither should you ignore the needs of your garden as it heads into fall.  Gardens need special care to help prepare...

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  • Putting the Flower Garden to Bed

    It's official -- fall has arrived! There's a wonderful, cool edge to the air these days that tells me it's time to prepare the garden (and myself) for a rest. My friend Cayce lives in San Jose, California, land of...

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  • This Winter Could Set Records in Missouri

    Missouri saw an unusually windy January, frozen soil with a deep frost line and temperatures that may make this winter among the top 10 coldest on record. “The preliminary data for Missouri are indicating a January that ran nearly 5...

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