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  • Blossom End Rot

    If you have tomatoes with a sunken, brown leathery patch on the bottom of the fruit, you probably have blossom end rot. Though most common on tomatoes, blossom end rot can also affect squash, peppers and watermelons. Not a disease,...

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  • Got calcium? Your tomatoes need it

    COLUMBIA, Mo. – Your beautiful tomato plant is setting fruit and soon has nice green tomatoes. Then, to your horror, a dark, sunken spot shows up at the bottom of the fruit. You might think an insect or disease has...

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  • Bacterial Spot of Peach

    This bacterial disease is a common disease in Kansas but rarely causes extensive losses in fruit quality or production. The disease affects leaves, fruit, and occasionally twigs. Leaf infections first appear as small, pale green to yellow angular spots. These...

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  • Thousand Cankers Disease of Walnut

    Black walnut is ecologically and economically important to Missouri, and thousand cankers disease (TCD) represents a serious threat to this resource. TCD occurs when the walnut twig beetle (WTB), Pityophthorus juglandis, attacks walnut trees, spreading the fungus Geosmithia morbida which...

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  • Check out this weeks K-State Newsletter

    Check it out HERE There are a bunch of great articles relevant to what many of us are going to deal with in the garden this summer: Do Not Over-Fertilize Tomatoes Physiological Leaf Curl in Tomatoes Tomato Leaf-Spot Diseases Onions...

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