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  • Eat Your Landscape

    Check out this article from the MO Gardener Newsletter Eat Your Landscape by Martha Swiss - September 2012 Here are some easy-care ornamental plants that are beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.  Vegetable gardens aren’t the only way...

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  • October Gardening Tips

    Start fall compost pile Plant winter- and spring-flowering bulbs Divide and replant crowded fall-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow Buy winter- and spring-blooming bulbs Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees fruit trees Cut back on feeding houseplants (do not feed dormant houseplants)...

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  • Winterizing the Garden

    Top Ten List for Inspiring Winterizing. 1. Spend a golden, autumn day in the vegetable garden. The way our winters have been quickly descending on us, this could be a last opportunity to soak up the warm sun- shine. While...

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