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Friday, Jun. 6th 2014

Kansas Insect Newsletter for 06 Jun 2014

Some areas of interest in this weeks insect newsletter.  Especially the Bagworms, if any of you have Arborvitae or Juniper this may help you.

Clusters of Bugs (white-margined burrower bug), Now Is Time To “Nail” Those Bagworms, Hessian Fly, National Pollinator Week, Diagnostic Laboratory Report.


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2 Comments on “Kansas Insect Newsletter for 06 Jun 2014”

  1. Sheri McNeil Says:

    I don’t use chemicals in my garden, so what is the best way to get rid of the cabbage moths? They are winning the battle in my garden!!

  2. mggkcblog Says:

    Row covers are the best non-chemical solution. Also, for an organic solution BT (bacillus thuringiensis) works for cabbage moths too.

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