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  • Want to Grow Grapes in Missouri?

      Learn how to establish a vineyard, train vines, manage birds, harvest the crop, and pruning tips at the Annual Spring Gardening Seminar, March 14th.  Home gardeners will also learn how to use good crop management to produce a quality...

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  • Fruit: Fertilizing the Home Orchard

        ​Fruit trees benefit from fertilization around the bloom period, but the amount needed varies with the age of the tree. Normally, trees primarily need nitrogen, so the recommendations are for a high nitrogen fertilizer such as a 27-3-3,...

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  • When are Apples Ready to Pick?

    Apples mature over a long period of time depending on variety.  Some varieties such as Lodi can mature in July and others as late as October. Here are some guides to help you decide when to pick your apples. Color...

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