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  • Hornworms on Tomatoes

    Hornworms are the largest larval insect commonly seen in the garden. Though usually seen on tomato, they can also attack eggplant, pepper, and potato. The larval stage of this insect is a 3 ½- to 4-inch long pale green caterpillar with...

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  • Japanese Beetles (JB)

    Japanese beetles have become a firmly established pest species in portions of Kansas. Potential damage is twofold. Most commonly, Japanese beetles indiscriminately feed on nearly 300 plant species including fruits, vegetables, agronomic and forage crops, ornamentals, trees and shrubs. Often...

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  • Biopesticides: Eco-Friendly Pest Control

    Food security and environmental stewardship are two subjects on the minds of most individuals involved with agriculture.  The misuse of conventional pesticides, in many cases, has led to pest resistance, population resurgence and pesticide residues.  Once a novel idea with...

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  • Box Elder Bugs

    Here is a great article about Box Elder Bugs by Dr. Raymond Cloyd.

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