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  • What You Need To Know About Seed Starting Containers

      Starting seeds can be a truly rewarding practice for the home gardener, but it does require some basic know-how and the right materials. If you’re new to growing plants from seed, it’s important to understand that not all products...

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  • Use a Planting Calendar

      If you start vegetable plants indoors, it is often helpful to list seeding dates on a calendar so that plants are ready for transplanting at the proper time. To do this, choose your transplant date and count back the...

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  • Tomato Trials

    It is that time of year where we start thinking about our summer gardens!! ​Each year we have our Master Gardeners plant and rate a number of tomato varieties.  We also give a set to Tom Fowler with the University...

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  • Heat Stops Tomatoes from Setting Fruit

      Temperatures that remain above 75 degrees F at night and day temperatures above 95 degrees F with dry, hot winds will cause poor fruit set on tomatoes. High temperatures interfere with pollen viability and/or cause excessive style growth leading to a lack of...

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  • Got calcium? Your tomatoes need it

    COLUMBIA, Mo. – Your beautiful tomato plant is setting fruit and soon has nice green tomatoes. Then, to your horror, a dark, sunken spot shows up at the bottom of the fruit. You might think an insect or disease has...

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