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Wednesday, May. 15th 2013

Garden Tour Addresses

For reference here are the addresses to our Garden Tour, “Unique Gardens of South Kansas City”.

The addresses will also be on the back of the ticket.  To purchase tickets online or for more information please visit here.

The Gardens Historical Grandeur
1200 West 55th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64113
Secluded Serenity
1025 West 53rd Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri 64112
Touch of the South
1000 West 57th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64113
Reflection on Antiquities
5433 Cherry Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64110
Charming Crestwood Corner
5517 Crestwood Drive, Kansas City, Missouri 64110
Plentiful Harvest
815 East Meyer Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64131
Chef’s Delight
7411 Summit Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64114


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