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Monday, Feb. 17th 2020

Orchids and Succulents: Rare and Unusual

Join us on March 14th, 2020 at the Annual Spring Gardening Seminar and learn how to grow lady slipper orchids plus maintain and grow a succulent plant, and which type of potting medium to use for each. Learn about new types of succulents and how to propagate orchids and succulents.

Presenter: David Bird earned a degree from North Dakota State University in greenhouse management and has been fascinated with orchids since age 15 when his family visited Hawaii. He has received an FCC/AOS, the highest possible award given to an orchid by the American Orchid Society, for growing one of the most difficult orchids in the world–its purple bloom was perfectly shaped and 7″ across.   Check out Birds Botonicals FB PAGE HERE. 

Registration and more info HERE!

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