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Sunday, Jun. 9th 2013

Was the Garden Tour a Success?

Was the Garden Tour, “Unique Gardens of South Kansas City”, a success???   Well, after visiting all the gardens on Saturday I would say it was a huge success! Especially if I were judging by the number of visitors at each garden.   I was very impressed by the tour on a whole.  Each garden was definitely unique as the title implied and had something to offer/teach visitors.  I am proud to have been part of the process and I think all who worked towards putting this event together did a fantastic job.   Now only if we had one every year….guess we have to wait till 2015 to see what we come up with next time.

Written & Photos by: Ashlee Valentine


4 Comments on “Was the Garden Tour a Success?”

  1. Laurie Says:

    Awesome job on the blog and pics. Thanks for your all your work! Laurie 

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  2. Darla Wolters Says:

    I worked all day on a Saturday. I thought it was a VERY successful garden tour. So many, many people of mixed ages. Not only was it a great teaching and sharing experience but was a great learning day for me, also. The people coming through so appreciated the owners being available for personal attention and question answering. Everyone seemed happy with what they were doing.

  3. tanya forbes Says:


  4. Scotty and Mary Moore Says:

    My wife and I have been going on the garden tour for several years now. In fact, they are the very reason we joined the MG program. That said, this was the best complete collection of any year we’ve seen on either side of the state line. Kudos to the tour committee. Can’t wait for 2015,

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